It was in October 2017 when Samantha and Naga Chaitanya Akkineni got married in fairytale like wedding. Their pictures still set wedding goals on the internet with fans dreaming of a happily ever after like theirs. After all, how beautiful they look together as a couple? It’s been 4 years since Sam and Chay have been married and while everything seemed to be going well for the two until last year, 2021 has been buzzing with their separation rumours. It breaks our heart every time we come across a report surrounding Samantha and Chay’s troubled relationship. Some reports suggest that the two have already started living separately and are soon planning to file for divorce.

Neither Samantha nor Naga Chaitanya have issued any statement regarding the separation rumours as yet.In fact, Samantha, like always, has been super-active on social media. She keeps sharing workout videos, pet posts, and cryptic posts on love, life every now and then. Yesterday, she also retweeted a post by Naga Chaitanya to comment on his newly released movie trailer and he thanked her in return. But the fact they are keeping mum on the whole divorce rumours and with Samantha dropping Akkineni from her social media name is making fans restless.

Well, with a hope that everthing is fine between ChaySam, here’s looking at all those times when Samantha expressed her love for Chay. Samantha has never shied away from letting the world know how truly, madly, deeply in love she is with Naga Chaitanya and these below posts are proof!

Every time Samantha publicly expressed her love for Naga Chaitanya

When Samanatha couldn’t stop admiring Chay in formal wear

This was during Rana Daggubati’s roka ceremony last year. Samantha was so smitten by her hubby dearest that she posted a solo pic of his look and wrote, “fter sending mommy , aunties , sister , friends , very straight male friends it’s now Instagram’s turn .. ‘See eee my husband looks so handsome no ???? (husband is somewhere digging a large pit to jump into right now)”

When Samantha thanked Chay for making her life a ‘crazy adventure’

Samantha had compiled some candid pics with Chay and had captioned saying, “Every day with you is a crazy adventure. Thanks to chayakkineni for making my every day a chatpata one’

Samantha’s love-filled birthday note for Chay

Picture perfect“Happy birthday my @chayakkineni .. Every single day I pray for your happiness and I am so proud that with every passing day you have grown to be the best version of yourself .. and I believe with all my heart that we are stronger together ..I love you darling husband.”

When Samantha revealed the greatest thing about marrying Chay

Travel buddies

There have been many a times when Samantha has gone on record to say that marrying Chay is the “best decision of her life.” Well, during their wedding anniversary, she had penned a rather heartfelt note that read, “The greatest thing about my life is that I come back home to you everyday .Happy anniversary to the part of me I am most proud of,” captioned Samantha.

When Samantha revealed how Chay treats her like a queen

So adorable

Taking to Instagram stories, Sam had shared a picture of Chay preparing a healthy breakfast bowl. She had captioned it saying, ” He makes me breakfast before he goes to work . *kneelsdown *thanksthelord followed by a #iamthequeenoftheworld

Samantha and Naga Chaitanya indeed look made for each other. Hope their love continues to grow stronger and they keep setting relationship goals.