New Delhi: In the age of information, it is also important that you know what is correct and what is fake.

Lately, a viral post is doing rounds on social media platforms stating that Indian Railways will stop operations of all the from December 1. The message further says that the trains to be stopped from operation also includes COVID-19 special trains that had been announced by government, thus resulting in panic among a lot of train passengers.

Busting the truth behind the viral post, Press Information Bureau (PIB) has stated that the government has not made any such announcement. Indian Railways will continue to run trains and there is no truth behind this viral message.

“It is claimed in a #WhatsApp forward that all trains including the #COVID19 special trains will stop operating after 1st December,” PIB tweeted.

How to get messages fact-checked?

If you get any such suspicious message, you can always know its authenticity and check if the news is for real or it is a fake news. For that, you need to send the message to Alternatively you can send a WhatsApp message to +918799711259 for fact check. You can also send your message to The fact check information is also available on


Source:- zeenews