Last week, Apple began sending out iOS 15 to iPhone owners. Latest features including Focus Mode and SharePlay are available on iPhone 6s and later with the new OS. However, the new software version includes several hidden capabilities that can help you work more efficiently. Font size for particular programmes, voice memos playback speed, and other features are among them. Take a look at these five cool features.

Change font size for individual apps: For a long time, Apple iPhones have allowed users to adjust the text size for improved readability. The changes on iOS, on the other hand, were universal, meaning they affected all iPhone apps. Apple now allows users to customise the font size of specific apps. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Centre, then look for the ‘AA’ symbol. Change the font size and save the settings by clicking on the app’s name on the left. Go here to learn how to add the shortcut to Control Centre.

Live Text copy-paste: Apple’s iOS 15 introduces a new feature called “Live Text” to the camera app. It works in the same way as Google Lens does on Android phones. Users must use the camera app to point at messages or numbers and wait for a new Live Text icon to appear. Users can then copy text or, if they’re pointing at a phone number, make a phone call. Go to Settings > General > Language & Region > Enable Live Text to enable Live Text for all supported languages. Unfortunately, the feature is only compatible with iOS 15 on iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, and newer models.

Record app activity: Apple continues to emphasise consumers’ right to privacy, and iOS 15 tries to uphold that promise. The new OS includes a feature called ‘Record App Activity,’ which allows users to see which apps are accessing personal information such as their location, photographs, camera, microphone, and more. It also keeps track of the domains with which the apps are associated. To use the feature, go to Settings > Privacy > Scroll down and select Record App Activity.

Safari address bar placement: The positioning of the URL or address bar within the Safari browser is one of the most visible changes in iOS 15. Swipe gestures are now possible because to the placement of the bar at the bottom of the screen (enabled by default). Apple’s Safari browser now has “tab groups” and “Voice search.” Despite the fact that these new improvements are intended to boost productivity, Apple nonetheless allows customers to revert to the previous method. Open Safari on iOS 15 and navigate to any webpage to modify the location of the URL or address bar. Select ‘Show top address bar’ from the ‘Aa’ at the bottom left of the screen.

Voice Memos playback: Voice Memos, Apple’s native tool for recording audio samples, has also been updated. With iOS 15, users may now modify the speed at which voice memos are played back, either speeding up or slowing down the recording. Another significant enhancement is that Voice Memos will now analyse audio recordings and automatically skip over silent gaps with a simple tap of the “skip silence” button. To access new features, simply click the setting button under the audio clip (located in the left corner).