We have all been through the cumbersome process that comes with the online payments at Flipkart and other shopping portals. But Flipkart has come up with an innovative solution for the whole process of entering your OTP every time you shop and pay online.

Flipkart has announced the launch of a Visa Safe Click (VSC) card, wherein, there will be no need to enter an OTP every time you carry out a transaction below Rs. 2000.

How does this Visa Safe Click launched by Flipkart work? Here are all the details!

Flipkart Launches Visa Safe Click; No Need For OTP Anymore!

Flipkart has launched a Visa Safe Click that will no longer require you to enter an OTP if you are paying an amount less than Rs. 2000. This facility has been powered by Visa.

This means that if your cart value is up to Rs. 2000, there will be no need for you to enter an OTP, and it also makes sure that the entire shopping experience is safe and secure.

The entire process of checkout can be now completed within one-click, and this is a huge advantage for online shoppers.

Flipkart Head – Fintech and Payments Group Ranjith Boyanapalli said, “OTP-based authentication is one of the biggest points of friction in online card transactions, wherein we have observed significant customer drop-off.”

He also said that VSC is the solution to this as it does not need OTP at all, and in its place will be background verification and authentication, and there will be no additional processes for the customer to take while shopping.

As per Flipkart’s statement, VSC will be the country’s first in-app network authenticating solution based on device, and it will ensure a smooth experience for online shoppers.

Only Visa Users Can Utilize This Feature

Flipkart has partnered with Visa to implement India’s first in-app device-based network authentication solution, and this means, that only Visa users will be able to use this feature to checkout, without any OTP.

It would be interesting to observe how other payment processing networks such as Mastercard and RuPay bring similar features for their users.


Source:- trak