ATM cards are the easiest way to take out money deposited in bank accounts and hence, it becomes essential to keep them safe to avoid any fraud activities. However, sometimes we lose our ATM card or it ends up being stolen by someone. In that case, the first thing to do is to block the card and get a new one reissued as soon as possible to avoid any fraudulent access. In this how-to guide, we have put together several techniques that might help you block the cards as soon as possible.

Method 1: Call customer care

All the ATM cards have a toll-free number printed at the back. It is advisable to save them and use it when required. But as the card is already lost, Google has the answer for that. Search for the toll-free number followed by the bank’s name and make the call. Before calling, make sure to keep necessary details handy such as bank account number, last transaction details, etc.

Method 2: Using Netbanking

If you have access to the internet connection at the moment on your PC or smartphone. Log in into the Net banking account and look for the section ‘Card’ or ‘Services’ and raise a block request.

Method 3: Using SMS

Several banks also allow users to block their cards by sending SMS. Users need to send an SMS from their registered mobile number mentioning BLOCK

Method 4: By visiting the nearest bank branch

If you have lost your card within the bank’s working hours, then locate and visit the nearest bank branch and ask them to block the card.

Source: gadgetsnow