Free Android 12 update is finally here, and phone users around the world are finally being able to download the latest version of Google’s operating system. The open-source operating system comes with several new features, performance improvements and security enhancements which are designed to create a better user experience for those upgrading from Android 11.

Google had previously released the source code for Android 12, that was only made available to developers, which means that even Google’s own Pixel devices did not have access to the update until Tuesday, when the company launched its Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones. However, right now, only Google Pixel phones have the Android 12 update available for download.

Features to look forward to on Android 12

The biggest change coming to Android 12 this year is a visual one, and it comes in the form of a new redesign of Android called Material You. Google has made changes to the operating system that it displayed on its Pixel devices, which will allow advanced customisation such as automatically changing the system theme to match your wallpaper, redesigned widgets and more. Users can also see when apps are accessing their microphone and camera through privacy indicators and a new Privacy Dashboard to see which apps have been accessing various permissions on the system.

Android 12 update eligible devices in October 2021

At the time of publishing this article, only Google Pixel devices can download the Android 11 update, which means that if you have a Pixel 3 series smartphone or later, you can download the Android 12 on your device right away.

List of phones that can download free Android 12 update

* Pixel 3

* Pixel 3a

* Pixel 4

* Pixel 4a

* Pixel 4a 5G

* Pixel 5

* Pixel 5a 5G

Android 12 on other devices?

You will have to wait for the official Android 12 release from the manufacturer of your smartphone. This is because phone manufacturers release the latest Android version with their own custom-made skin, which could take a while, depending on the number of changes made to the OS. However, some manufacturers (like Samsung) are currently testing beta versions of Android 12, which means that the update should arrive sooner or later.

List of manufacturers who will be rolling out Android 12 update

* Samsung

* Oppo

* Realme

* Vivo

* Xiaomi

* Asus

* Motorola