New Delhi: Harman, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, has introduced Harman Turbo Connect (TBOT), a new intelligent software agent that anticipates and mitigates vehicle connectivity discrepancies on the road.

This new solution in Harman’s telematics portfolio meets the demand for high-speed connectivity with low latency, especially when used alongside 5G-enabled technologies Smart Conformal Antenna and full 5G and 5G-ready telecommunication control units (TCU).

Harman TBOT, acting on behalf of both the vehicle and user, resides in the TCU, roadside nodes, on the Edge and in the cloud. Its actions aim to change parameters, adapt behaviours and features of the device, and initiate communication within the ecosystem.

Vishnu Sundaram, senior vice president, Harman Telematics, said, “By introducing TBOT into vehicles, we are able to anticipate poor or congested connectivity, thereby mitigating any streaming or latency issues even before the driver or passenger observes a problem. Music streaming can go uninterrupted, navigation functions can continue, and conference calls can be held, even in areas of poor network service.”

Using the increased capabilities offered by 5G network adoption, TBOT technology provides drivers with heightened user experience, increased cost-savings and lowered energy consumption.

TBOT predicts and optimises the available connectivity options to match the bandwidth and latency demands of live streaming, gaming and other performance-demanding applications. This allows for an uninterrupted connectivity experience for drivers and riders and saves money and energy.

TBOT will boost vehicle parameters such as battery life by optimising performance, shutting off transmission and reception during periods of no connectivity, thereby decreasing energy use—and extending battery life—in both electric vehicles (EVs) and traditional combustion engine vehicles, and reducing range anxiety in EVs, the company said.