Umang app is home to over 600 government related services including eBook, Gas refill, PAN, Passport, etc. Among others, the app also provides users the access to eCourts services such as status and entire case history of almost all pending cases across high courts and district & subordinate courts of India.
If you want to check the status of any pending case or entire case history or any other court related details using Umang app, here’s how you can do it.


Latest version of Umang app

Working internet connectivity

Steps to access eCourts services on Umang app

1.Open Umang app and login using right credentials

2.Now, from the services directory, tap on eCourts services option. Alternatively you can also search for eCourts service from the search bar

3.Here, you’ll get four options — Search by CNR number, Search any case status, Case list and My cases

4.To check a case using the CNR number, tap on the option and enter the CNR number to fetch all the details related to that particular case.

You can also add a particular case to your favourite list and access it in future from My cases option.