So you are lucky, who would get the Income Tax refund!  Really! it is pleasing to get back money from the government. So, are you concerned about the present status of your tax refund? Do you have a apprehension about it and want to be assured? Relax, I would help you with this post. I have written this post for AY 2018-19. It may work for future years as well.

Why Did you Not Get the Refund

Your concern for the TDS or income tax refund status is natural but there can be a genuine reason for this delay.

Income tax refund status

1- Your ITR is not processed yet

You file your income tax return by filling the ITR Form. Such as ITR-1 is used for the salary income. But, the filing of income tax return does not mean that the income tax department has accepted your given details.

Rather the income tax department verifies your data with its own data. Today, the government has an advanced system to keep track of your income. This system automatically verifies your information with its own data.

If the system finds everything in order, It processes your form and releases the income tax refund. Upon finding any major anomaly, the income tax assessing officer would send you a notice and ask for the explanation.

So, if the income tax department has not still processed your ITR form, you would not get the refund.

2- You are Not Eligible for Refund

In the income tax department, you give your income and tax details. On that basis, there may be some refund. But if the income tax department does not agree with your information, It will also not release the claimed refund.

The income tax officer would ask you to correct the income tax return. After, the rectified return, you would get the resultant refund, if any. It can also happen that, there would be a payable tax instead of the refund. So you would be asked to pay the income tax.

It may also happen that income tax department has settled your refund with a past tax liability. In this case, as well, you would not get the refund. The tax department would process your ITR form without the refund.

3- No Refund is Determined

The income tax department takes more time if a return is submitted with the refund claim. Before processing a refund, it wants to be doubly assured. Such type of returns is sent for more checks and assessment.

If the IT system finds an anomaly, it sends your return for the manual assessment. The manual assessment takes its own time for the determination of the refund. The officer would determine the refund amount according to their calculation. This whole process takes time thus there can be a delay in the refund.

4- Money did not Reach to Your Account

Your Income Tax Return has been processed, a refund has been determined, but the Cheque/ ECS credit could not reach you. This could be because of 2 reasons.

  1. Wrong Address-  if you are getting income tax refund through the cheque. If you have given the bank account number in the income tax return you would get the refund directly into your bank account.
  2. Wrong Bank Account- If there is an error in your bank account number or you have closed the given bank account, you would not be able to get the tax or TDS refund.

How To Check Refund Status

There are 4 stages of your income tax refund payment. Your refund can be stuck in any of these stages.

  1. Return processing
  2. Tax Refund Determination
  3. Refund process by the IT department
  4. Credit To your Account

There are two ways to check TDS or tax refund status online.

  1. Incometaxindiaefiling Portal
  2. NSDL Refund Status Check facility

Check Tax Refund Through

1- Login to the e-filing portal. There are many ways to login to portal. You can even log in through the net banking.

2- In the dashboard, you would see the link – View Returns/ Forms. Tap on that link.

3- Choose the type of form. It should be ‘income tax returns’.

TDS refund status

4- In the next page, you would see a list of all the income returns submitted by you in the last few years. You would see the status of your tax return along with the return detail of every year. If you see that ITR of concerned year is processed then only proceed to the next step. Else, wait until your return gets processed.

income tax return status

5- Tap on the acknowledgement number. It would open the details of that return.

6- The coming page would tell you the current status of your income tax return. You also see that whether your income tax or TDS refund is still paid or not.

I have taken this screenshot of my return of AY 2017-18. It also gives an idea of the time taken to get the refund. This page tells you the current status of income tax refund. The refund was credited to my account same day that is 08/11/2018

Check Tax Refund Through the NSDL

You can also check your income tax refund status through the website of the NSDL. This process is easier and does not require the login. You would get the refund status by entering your PAN number. However, you would not get any detail unless a refund is initiated.

There are two different pages of NSDL to check refund status. The results are the same from both the pages but the below-given URL is user-friendly for the mobile and desktop both.

1- Go to the

2- Enter your PAN in capital letters and Choose the assessment year. Note assessment year is the next financial year of which you have filed the income tax return.

TDS refund tracking

3- In the next page you would see the status of your refund. Note, you would see any information only if the refund is paid to your account. Otherwise, there would not be any information. I did not find any information of Assessment year 2018-19.

This is my income tax refund status of AY 2018-19. Since ITR is not processed, there is no record of the refund
refund status of AY 2017-18

The refund status of AY 2017-18 is showing that my refund is already credited to my bank account. It also shows the date of credit. It is not visible in this screenshot.

Request for Refund Re-issue

Sometimes you do not get the tax refund as income tax department could not pay it to you. It can happen because of the following reasons.

  1. Incorrect bank account number
  2. Incorrect IFSC
  3. Wrong Communication Address (In case of payment by cheque)

If tax refund status shows that your amount returned back to the income tax department, you can request for the reissue of the refund.

Perform the following steps to raise Refund Re-issue Request:

  1. Login to ‘e-Filing’ Portal
  2. Go to the ‘My Account’ menu located at the upper-left side of the page ⇒ Click ‘Service Request’ ⇒ Select the ‘Request Type’ as ‘New Request’ and Select the ‘Request Category’ as ‘Refund Reissue’ and tap on Submit.refund reissue
  3. In the next page, you have to fill the additional details such as Bank Account number, Account Type, IFSC Code and so on. It is necessary to get the refund in the correct bank account.
  4. You have to e-verify your request. The e-verification is also used when we e-file income tax return.




Source:- planmoneytax