There are times when you get emails while you’re in an important meeting, out for a call, or maybe in some other work and hence you are not able to read them at that point in time. To ensure you don’t miss those emails, you can snooze them. Gmail has a snooze feature.

This feature will hide the emails for a particular period of time depending on the time you choose and later the emails will start flushing in when the snooze time is over, at the top of your inbox.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to snooze emails in Gmail:

On PC browser:

1.Open Gmail on your PC browser

2.Sign in to your Gmail account

3.Hover the cursor over the email you want to snooze, click on Snooze icon

4.Choose the time and date when you want to read the email

5.Click on Ok

On Android and iOS smartphones:

1.Open Gmail application on your smartphone

2.Press and hold the email you want to snooze

3.Click on the three-dot button on the top right corner of the application

4.Click on Snooze

5.Choose the time and date when you want to read the email

6.Click on Ok

Note: You can view the snoozed emails in the Snooze section of the Gmail page located in the left column.