Income Tax Refund: It is important for you to file an Income Tax  Return (ITR) when your income is above the basic exemption limit or tax exempt limit prescribed by the government. It is also important to file returns for you if you claim for additional tax deducted on TDS. When fileing returns online, after you fill up all the necessary information, the calculation of refund amount is done by the system, which you have to refund.

After filing income tax returns and after verification it is submitted, the Income Tax Department starts investigating it. If your claim is accepted, then the refund is returned to you directly by your bank account or check directly with interest. However, processing of ITR takes some time. In the meantime, if you want to know what is the status of the file filed on your behalf, then you can take this information online.


  • Click on the option on ‘Dashboard’ on the Tax Department website. After this click on ‘View Returns and Forms’. After clicking on the Income Tax Returns page, click on ‘Income Tax Return’. After going to the Income Tax Return page, you will see that your ITR has either been processed or pending for Verification or Verification.
  • If it shows that your ITR has not been verified yet, then you can request to re-verify with the help of your base or sign the ITR-V form signed with the Indian Post Office General Post or Speed ​​Post. Taxes should be sent to CPC Office.
  • Unless the sucessful type of validity is written. Until then you will have to wait for your refund to return.


  • If the ITR has been processed, you can know whether you got a refund by clicking on ‘Acquisition Number’. If refund is given, then what mode it has been paid, it will be written. If the mode of payment is ECS, then update your bank’s passbook to see if a refund has been made in your account.
  • If the mode of payment is through check and it was issued a few weeks ago, then you have to check that the check is not returned. If the check is not delivered, a link will be given to update your address and re-issue the check. If there was a mistake in the address given earlier or you have changed the address, you must enter a new or correct address to re-issue the check and to deliver the check.
  • Once the ITR has been processed, you can also see your refund status after filling your PAN and Assessment Year in the ‘Income Tax Refunds’ of the TIN NSDL website.

Source:- financialexpress