Prices of non-subsidized LPG or liquefied petroleum gas were hiked on Wednesday, taking the prices up for the second straight month. Prices of a 14.2 KG cylinder in the non-subsidized category were increased by Re 1 in New Delhi, while it was increased by Rs 4.50 per cylinder in Kolkata, Rs 3.5 in Mumbai and Rs 4 per in Chennai. The move to increase the prices of non-subsidized LPG cylinders comes after the government cut prices in the months of March, April, and May as international prices went down.

According to the data provided by Indian Oil corporation, users of non-subsidized 14KG Indane gas cylinders in New Delhi will now have to pay Rs 594 instead of Rs 593 for each cylinder. In Kolkata, the price has now shit up to Rs 620.5 from Rs 616 that the customers paid till the last month. In Mumbai, the new price was Rs 594, which is up from Rs 590. In Chennai, the price of each 14 KG cylinder in the non-subsidized category was increased to Rs 610.5 from Rs 606.5 in the month of June. The prices are, however, significantly less than what they were in the month of March. The price of a 14 non-subsidized cylinder in March stood at Rs 805 in Delhi, 839.5 in Kolkata, whereas Mumbai and Chennai prices were at Rs 776 and Rs 826, respectively.

The Government of India currently subsidizes 12 cylinders of 14.2 kg each per household in a year. LPG cylinder prices are revised every month, unlike petrol and diesel prices that are revised on a daily basis. Petrol and Diesel prices have not been increased for the last two days after having increased for more than a week prior to that. Price of the 19 KG cylinder has been reduced in Delhi and Kolkata by Rs 4 per cylinder and Mumbai the price has been cut by Rs 3. Chennai saw a reduction of Re 1 per cylinder.