The central government expects the states to make sure that all households get 24×7 power supply by April this year, barring those in the agricultural region, Power Minister RK Singh said. Since ‘metering is inadequate’ and there is ‘need to conserve ground water’, these states would be exempt from providing uninterrupted electricity to the agricultural segment of the population, he also said during a conference of power ministers of states and union territories on Tuesday.

While the issues are being resolved, 8-10 hours of power supply would be ‘sufficient’ to agricultural consumers, he added.

The discoms should look at reducing the losses so as to turn the sector sustainable, he said adding that the government’s plans to shift to a prepaid system for power may leave states unable to buy power if they didn’t have money readily available.

”The sector will not be sustainable until and unless we reduce the losses, until and unless we are able to collect money for every unit which we distribute,” he added.

“Coal is prepaid, railway freight is prepaid, so power also has to be prepaid. We are starting for the consumer-end, but when you come to the bulk generation-end also, it will become prepaid. So, if you don’t have the money, you’ll not be able to buy the power,” he noted.


Source:- financialexpress