How many times has it happened that you step out to withdraw some cash from the ATM and forget your debit card at home? A lot of us run short of cash in hand while buying groceries or visiting nearby stores and try and find an ATM nearby for instant cash withdrawal. However, there are times when you might forget your card at home and still require cash. So, today, let us give you a solution for the same.

What if you are told that you can withdraw money from ATM without your debit card? This is possible with HDFC Bank’s cardless cash withdrawal facility.

Making its customers aware of the same, HDFC Bank tweeted saying, “Forgot your ATM Card? Don’t worry, HDFC Bank Cardless Cash is #DigitallyYours with 24X7 service to withdraw cash at all HDFC Bank ATMs. Enjoy instant and secure mode of cash withdrawals without ATM / Debit Card.”

For the unversed, cardless cash withdrawal can be done for a minimum of Rs 100 per transaction and up to a maximum of Rs10,000 per day or Rs 25,000 per month for a beneficiary. The limits might change according to the regulatory guidelines.

What is the process for cardless cash withdrawal?

Step 1: Add a beneficiary

To add a beneficiary, log in to NetBanking, the select Funds Transfer tab – Request – Add a Beneficiary – Cardless Cash Withdrawal

Then add all the details of the beneficiary and press confirm. Enter OTP received for validation.

Step 2: Send money to the beneficiary you added

Log in to NetBanking Select Fund Transfer tab – Cardless Cash Withdrawal Click on the debit bank account Select the beneficiary you want to send money toCheck details, then enter the amount, click on confirmEnter OTP received for validation.

Step 3: Beneficiary can withdraw cash at HDFC Bank ATMs

As soon as the beneficiary goes to HDFC Bank ATM, they have to select the Cardless Cash option Select the language you are comfortable withEnter OTP, beneficiary mobile number, ID and amount to be withdrawnOnce the information is validated, ATM will disburse cash.