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On IRCTC website, people look to book Tatkal tickets during emergencies or when last minute travel plans arise. Needless to say, during the festive season bookings get over in just a few minutes. Therefore Tatkal seems not so beneficial for most passengers. The setback of Tatkal includes many factors, the time it takes in payment for a ticket is the key factor which leads to unsuccessful booking. Thus, a passenger is left with no option, but to take a wait-listed ticket for the journey. However, here is relief, courtesy Indian Railways! Now there is nothing to worry about, because IRCTC has started a service which may benefit you a lot.

It has been announced now that the booking of Tatkal tickets can be processed without prepayment using a service through IRCTC. In fact, passengers can make the payment after booking their Tatkal ticket! In other words, passengers do not have to pay at the time of booking. This service allows them to pay after a successful booking only. This service was applicable to general booking of tickets only earlier, but it has now started for Tatkal tickets too.

In fact, IRCTC has even started a service called, ‘Pay on Delivery’ to make it easier for booking Tatkal tickets. Now, users can find a ‘home delivery’ option on the site and they may opt for payment through cash, debit or credit card. Indian Railways is hoping to get a good response from people for this new IRCTC service.

It has been claimed, that this new service will make an end to obstacles in payment and will increase the chances of getting confirmed tickets for travellers. Around 1,30,000 tickets get booked through IRCTC every day and most of these tickets get booked within a few minutes of the session opening on

Earlier, users had to go through standard online payment gateway, which used to take a lot of time in payment before getting a confirmed ticket by IRCTC. Thereby, most of the users were unable not get a confirm ticket. Pay on delivery facilitates its users to book an online ticket without going through payment gateway which helps in booking a ticket fast.

The process for getting ‘Pay on Delivery’

-Users will have to register on Mandatory for users to give their Aadhaar/Pan card details.
-Users will have to choose ‘pay on delivery’ option of Anduril Technologies  during booking on IRCTC portal.
-An Email or SMS will be sent just after a confirmed booking and user will have to pay within 24 hour of booking.
-Of course, users may also pay online, a payment link will be sent after the booking


Source:- zeebiz