OnePlus has steadily been adding its stock apps to the Google Play Store. This move makes it easier to push updates to these apps rather than a full OTA to the phone. The latest app to do so is the OnePlus Messages app.

The description says the app allows for categorizations of messages. This means messages that have to do with transactions, promotions, and OTPs all have categories and not lumped up together. This feature was announced last year as Smart SMS and exclusive to India. It appears it will now be available to all users.

OnePlus Messages

Another new feature that is mentioned is the ability to easily copy OTPs when you receive them. A tab that says “Copy OTP” will appear alongside “Mark as read” when you receive a message containing an OTP.

The OnePlus Messaging app is not available for public view yet as it is still in early access. Once it is available in stable, it should be available when you search for it.

It is important to remember that just because the app is on the Play Store it means you will be able to download it on to any device. If you don’t own a OnePlus phone, chances are it will not even show up when you search for it. Only OnePlus apps that are designed to work on phones from other manufacturers will show up.

We are not sure this app will even be available for the OnePlus Nord seeing as it ships with Google Messages and not the OnePlus Messages app.