The Indian Railways has taken necessary steps to ensure that train journies are hassle-free and efficient. The railways authority makes sure there are no illegal practice when it comes to travelling in train and holding a ticket either be tatkal or reservation or unreserved. The authorities already have a host of facilities available to tackle blacklist selling of tatkal tickets, but did you know even reserved tickets are prohibited for resale. And if any passenger caught doing so, they will be punished as per Indian Railways Act. Under Section 142 of the Railways Act, journey tickets including any half of a return ticket and season ticket are not transferable.

If any person not being a Railway Servant or an agent authorised in this behalf : sells or attempts to sell any ticket or any half of a return ticket, or parts or attempts to part with the possession of a ticket against which reservation of a seat or a berth has been made or any half of a return ticket or season ticket.

Railways on its website stated that, he or she shall be punishable under the Railways Act.

Additionally, if the purchaser or holder of transferred ticket travels or attempts to travel therewith, he shall forfeit the ticket which he so purchased or obtained and shall be deemed to be traveling without a proper ticket.

There can be many reason for booking reserved tickets and transferring them to others. Some passengers can do last minute change in plan, or cancel their trip. While some buy reserved tickets from Railways and try to sell it to others at heavy price in case of emergency to other passengers. Therefore, it is of utmost important, as an citizen one should avoid such practice.

For your information, if you do not wish to travel from the ticket you have booked last minute, then you can always refund those amount at Indian Railways. One must avoid passing the reserved ticket to another passenger. If cancelled 48 before the scheduled departure of the train – then Rs 240 on 1st AC/executives class, Rs 200 on 2nd AC class, Rs 180 on 3AC/ACC/3A economy class, Rs 120 on second sleeper class and Rs 60 on second class is charged.

If the ticket is cancelled between 48 hours and 12 hours before the scheduled train departure, then the passenger will pay 25% extra on the above mentioned charges.

If the ticket is cancelled between 12 hours and 4 hours before the scheduled train departure, then the amount of the above charges will be 50% higher.

Hence, remember to cancel your ticket before 48 hours of scheduled train departure, to avoid more charges. This practice is legal as well as wise for a train passengers.

The Railway Administration reserves seats, berths, compartments, or carriage in accordance with the rules and conditions published in the Coaching Tariff. A passenger seeking reservation of berth or seats should purchase tickets from the Railway Reservation Offices/Authorised Travel Agency only.

Advance reservations are made generally up to 120 days in advance for all classes and all trains. The period of advance reservation (ARP) is exclusive of the day of departure of the train.


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