SBI Online: From smaller towns to metro cities, many people have fallen prey to the tricks of fraudsters and have lost their hard-earned money stored in the bank accounts. Cybercrimes using card-cloning and SIM swapping is rampant these days and you should be alert to avoid getting trapped. While those ignorant to their bank’s warning lose money, those who are even a little alert manages to escape the fraudsters’ net. In one such incident, an SBI customer had reported the online misuse of his card. “Some one attempted to book ticket in redbus via my SBI debit card today @ 2:30pm for the amount of Rs.461.25 and i got OTP for it (sic),” the user had said.

The SBI responded to the customer and asked him to get his debit card blocked immediately through OnlineSBI or other methods.

“Please Block your Debit Card by calling our contact center 1800-11-22-11, 1800-425-3800 (Toll Free Nos) 080-26599990 or through OnlineSBI / SBI Quick app or by sending an SMS to 567676 in the following format: BLOCK XXXX . (XXXX are the last 4-digits of your card) and also report the same to your branch,” said the bank.

Therefore, if you have also received an OTP ever for any transaction which was not initiated by you, then you should also follow the same procedure. Instead of wasting your time in finding who initiated the transaction, you should get your card blocked first. You can do it by the following methods:

* By calling the customer care numbers

* By sending SMS from your registered mobile number. Write ‘BLOCK XXXX’ and send it to 567676. XXXX is the last 4-digits of your card.

* Using net banking

* Using SBI Quick app

Once you get your card blocked, you can approach your SBI branch to get the new card issued.


Source:- zeebiz