Government Officials have confirmed that he schools would not be re-opened on September 1. However, with the cases continuously touching  daily figure of 70K, the mood for re-opening schools and colleges if still sombre. In a survey conducted by Local Circles, 62 per cent of the parents were still wary of sending their wards to the school – even if the schools were to be re-opened on September 1. The sentiment was similar even for senior classes.

As compared to previous survey when 33 per cent had voted to send their kids to school, only 23 per cent replied in affirmative this time around. Remaining 15 per cent were not decided as yet on the same.

The Government, however, has not released any date to re-open the schools as yet. In the last order released, all schools and colleges were ordered to remain closed till August 31, 2020. There were a few reports of the possibility of re-opening schools in a phased manner from September 1. Ministry of Education, however, has denied all such reports.

In the latest information shared by officials, there are no plans to re-open schools just yet. There are plans to restart Metros from September 1 but no plans to re-open the schools/ colleges immediately, confirmed an official.

Reports from countries that have reopened schools are not reassuring either. As per the information available, as many as 97,000 children came down with COVID19 within 2 weeks of reopening of schools in the USA. Reports from Berlin (Germany) reported 41 schools confirming infections last week. Germany was considering closing the schools while France continued to keep the schools open.