After rolling out the ‘Remind me to take break’ feature as a part of its efforts to make an upswing of the digital wellbeing of the people, YouTube is now looking to offer more privacy to the users. The Google-owned company is reportedly testing an incognito mode on the Android apps. YouTube incognito mode is said to be rolling out to select users that lets them watch any video on the platform without recording the history and maintaining secrecy at the same time.

Google is expanding the incognito mode on more of its apps to let users enjoy the respective services without having to care about the tracking of history. According to the screenshots of the new feature obtained by Android Police, the incognito mode will clear any viewing history of videos after the user logs out of YouTube or exits the incognito mode. Alternatively, the videos that are watched without logging in are not logged by YouTube, as well as, there is an option in YouTube to ‘Pause watch history’ and ‘Pause search history’.

The report said that the YouTube incognito mode is currently rolling out on Android, without mentioning anything about the app’s iOS counterpart. If a user is a part of the early rollout of the feature, he/she can enable it by visiting the settings of the app. The user needs to click on the icon showing the profile photo, which will drop a menu down. The Turn on Incognito Mode option will be visible to the user, that can be activated by a tap. The moment the incognito mode gets turned on, the avatar located on the top right corner of the app changes to the incognito sign.

Generally, incognito mode on the apps restricts the app from logging any history of the activity performed on the platform that usually barricades any kind of intrusion by advertisers to read the user’s online behaviour to serve personalised ads. However, the websites, videos, or content that is available in the incognito mode are still tracked by the institution or ISP that is providing the Internet.


Source by financialexpress