WhatsApp is one of the most widely used application and now it is also providing the feature of payments. Using WhatsApp Payments people can send or transfer money to people in their contacts.

However, if you use payments then you can check out the tips below to avoid scams and frauds:

1. As per the information provided by the application on its official website, WhatsApp will not be proactively reaching out to you asking for your information. If it does reach out, it’ll be through a legitimate channel. You can always contact the company to double check.

2. Do not click on any unknown or suspicious links.

3. Remember that approving a payment request will withdraw funds from your account. Only accept a payment request from trusted contacts.

4. Do not share OTP or financial information with anyone. You should never share your OTP or bank information with anyone because it can be misused.

5. Only send and receive money from people you know and trust.

6. If your phone is lost or stolen, inform your bank and contact WhatsApp by visiting whatsapp.com and select Get in touch.

7. If you receive a message that might be a scam, you can block the number and report it. To do so, open the chat and tap Block > Report and Block.

It can also be noted that you can only send money if the phone number on your device matches the number associated with your bank account and you have provided the correct debit card details.

Also, you must type in your multi-digit UPI or ATM PIN before making each payment. You should not share this PIN with anyone else.