New Delhi | Jagran Technology Desk: Clubhouse, an invitation-only audio chat app, has caught the attention of several technology industry experts, including Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, who has reportedly asked his employees to create a similar app like it.

According to a report in The New York Times, Facebook is working on creating a similar app like Clubhouse and the product is “in its earliest stages of development”. The report, however, claimed that the product’s code name could change.

Notably, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg had joined Clubhouse last week.

“We’ve been connecting people through audio and video technologies for many years and are always exploring new ways to improve that experience for people,” The New York Times quoted a Facebook spokesperson as saying.

What is Clubhouse and how can I use it?

The clubhouse is an audio chat app that was launched by two Stanford University alumni — Rohan Seth and Paul Davison — a year ago. Currently, the app is available only for iPhone users but is free and has no advertisements.

The iPhone app is available with users’ profile pictures and voices and there are no posts, photos and videos. The users can start a conversation like phone calls or they can stage an interview or a conference.

Here it is noteworthy to mention that the only way to get an invitation is to score one from someone already on Clubhouse. This is because the app is still in its beta version. People can also download the app and get on a waiting list to be let into the Clubhouse.

Currently, the app has two million members across the world. In India, nearly 12,000 people have already downloaded it.

What about the creators of the Clubhouse?

The app has been created by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. While Seth is a former Google engineer, Davison is known for a location-driven social networking app Highlight.

Why Facebook is working on a similar app like it?

The clubhouse has caught the attention of several tech experts, including Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg has reportedly asked his employees to develop a similar app like it.

The Facebook founder had also appeared on Clubhouse last week where he didn’t delve into anything quite as hot as the GameStop frenzy, but his presence still added to the curiosity about the app.