WhatsApp has announced that it is joining hands with the Indian School of Public Policy (ISPP) to help students learn the importance of privacy while developing new products through various workshops and training sessions. At an event in Mumbai, Will Cathcart, global head for WhatsApp, said this partnership will materialise into a series of “day-long workshops or design jams” that are expected to start September 17.

ISPP will impart its students with knowledge on how privacy can become a core tenet in today’s digital world. A lot of students from ISPP are working as public policy advocates for firms such as Uber, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more. As long as tech firms are concerned, privacy has emerged as a top concern for consumers globally. The fight against the protection of consumer privacy was sparked by the the Facebook Cambridge Analytica fiasco last year.

Since the incident, there have been numerous events leading to the violation of consumer privacy, which is supposed to be a top responsibility of tech firms. These workshops will be aimed at painting a clear picture of what an ideal privacy policy of a tech firm should be. Although, none of the partners is guaranteeing the same.

WhatsApp was recently embroiled in a number of debacles around user privacy. Its parent company Facebook was mired down in many controversies itself on the same topic. The company has been trying to lose its image as a company that exploits user data, keeping the privacy factor aside. Especially in India, WhatsApp has launched many steps to counter fake news and educate its users via street plays and more. It also launched a fact-check tipline service in India to verify the news being spread on the platform and tell users about its authenticity.


Source:- financialexpress