India Post Payments Bank (IPPB), a state-owned payments bank, offers three types of zero balance savings accounts – regular savings account, digital savings account, and basic savings bank deposit account. A zero balance savings account doesn’t require customers to maintain any particular minimum average balance. India Post Payments Bank, which has 650 branches and 3,250 access points, provides interest at the rate of 4 per cent on balance in all three kinds of zero balance savings accounts, as mentioned on its official website –

India Post Payments Bank regular savings account

A regular savings account in IPPB can be opened by either visiting an access point of the payments bank or by applying for the doorstep service. The account can be opened with zero balance and the account holder is not required to maintain any particular balance. Facilities such as free quarterly account statement and fund remittance service IMPS are also offered with regular savings account, according to IPPB’s official website.

India Post Payments Bank digital savings account

A digital savings account in IPPB can be opened by using the payments bank’s mobile app. The app is available on Google’s Android platform. The applicant is required to provide details of his or her Aadhaar card along with PAN (Permanent Account Number) card. The account can be opened instantly from the comfort of home. It does not require the account holder to maintain any monthly average balance. The account can be opened with zero balance. Free quarterly account statement and instant fund transfer through IMPS are also offered with this account.

India Post Payments Bank basic savings account

This savings account has all the features and benefits offered by the regular savings account, except that it allows only four cash withdrawals in a month. The aim of the basic savings account is to provide primary banking services at a very nominal charge. The basic savings account offers facilities such as zero balance account opening, free quarterly statement, IMPS and linkage to a Post Office Savings Account, according to the IPPB website.


Source:- ndtv