Video conferencing platform Zoom at its Zoomtopia conference announced a range of new features to make video meetings more productive and to help users work from anywhere. Zoom is bringing support for more apps along with expanded support for live transcriptions. Here are seven new features coming to Zoom.

1.Zoom Live translation and real-time transcription to support more languages

In order to make it easier to collaborate with people working from across the world, Zoom is adding support for more languages. The company said that it is extending Zoom’s automated transcription to 30 languages and adding live translation to 12 languages in the next year.

2.New Zoom widget

To streamline workflows, the company will release the Zoom Widget. With the Zoom Widget, you will get an at-a-glance view of your meeting schedule, see who is already in a meeting, send a quick chat, and more, as per the company.

3.Better virtual Zoom Whiteboarding experience across all devices

There will be an enhanced Zoom Whiteboard with which you will be able to interact with a virtual whiteboard better. Zoom also announced that it is partnering with Facebook’s Oculus to integrate Oculus Horizons Workrooms. This will allow users to access and annotate a whiteboard within a virtual reality environment.

4.Chat emojis, waiting room two-way chat and more

Now, multiple people can control the slides with a setting similar to remote control. Also, there will be ‘Waiting Room two-way chat’ with which you update meeting participants all at once in the Waiting Room. You will be able to use emojis in the meeting chat just as you would in your persistent Zoom Chat.

5.Zoom is getting a new ‘Huddle View’

Zoom is adding a new toggle view for Zoom Chat channels. Huddle view will give users a visual representation of a channel.

6.Office suite and cloud storage will be easier to work with

Zoom said that it plans to release native integrations with more cloud-storage tools, including SharePoint and Box. This will allow you to share and collaborate on documents from the Zoom client without hopping between applications.

7.​Improved Zoom Chat features

There will be more formatting options, such as color, bold, and bullets in chats. Also, there will be support for custom personal notes.